4 Days to Go – $50,000 makes us 200% Funded!

For anyone that hasn’t been following the Kickstarter campaign, Squishy Forts has gotten a lot of media and Internet attention over the last week. As a result, we’ve been able to raise over $50,000, making the project more than 200% funded.

This means that not only will Squishy Forts go into manufacturing at the start of 2014, but being overfunded also means that we’ve unlocked a number of stretch goals.

First of all, we’ve added some new colours: pink and green (which we chose), and slate (which our backers chose). We’ve also added the couch set and the mega set. The couch set contains 10 x square pieces, and a couch-shaped cover; and the mega set contains one each of the Basic, Advanced and Couch sets.

There’s only 4 more days to go with the project, but it looks like the funding is still coming in pretty hard and fast. For anyone that hasn’t had a chance to yet, please jump over and check out our Squishy Forts Kickstarter page, where you can back this project and ensure you get one of the first Squishy Forts sets off the line.

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