Squishy Forts Kickstarter Over – 270% Funded!

Thank you everyone! With 270% of Squishy Fort’s original funding goal met, this is truly a great Christmas present that all of you have given me. It’s also my birthday on the 26th, so I’ll take it as a birthday present, too! I have to admit – things were looking pretty bleak at the start, … Read more

4 Days to Go – $50,000 makes us 200% Funded!

For anyone that hasn’t been following the Kickstarter campaign, Squishy Forts has gotten a lot of media and Internet attention over the last week. As a result, we’ve been able to raise over $50,000, making the project more than 200% funded. This means that not only will Squishy Forts go into manufacturing at the start … Read more

Christmas Gift Pack

Hi everyone, Our backers are currently voting in their favourite colour for our third stretch goal ($40k), but I thought I’d take a moment to share with you our Christmas Gift Pack. Now, Squishy Forts isn’t scheduled to ship until March, but I know a lot of you really want to give Squishy Forts as … Read more

How to Get a Squishy Forts Set

Hi everyone! We’re getting a lot of traffic from a bunch of different sites today, so we thought we’d cover really briefly how you can go about getting your hands on Squishy Forts – the world’s first Pillow Fort Construction Kit. For those that aren’t familiar, Kickstarter provides an opportunity to inventors and other entrepreneurs … Read more

Squishy Forts in Different Colours!

So, you want to know what Squishy Forts pillow forts will look like when we make them available in other colours? Well, we decided to show you! Currently, Squishy Forts is only available in Rearden Blue, Brick Red, Jet Black and Chocolate Brown. But we’ve thrown a couple other colours in as well. What colour … Read more

Squishy Forts on ThisIsWhyImBroke

Funding continues to roll in since we pushed out the black Friday specials, and it looks like a few big websites are picking up the story of Squishy Forts! Today, we’ve made it onto the popular website, ThisIsWhyImBroke.com, which is pretty cool. When we came up with the idea for this product, it was one … Read more