Slashed Reward Levels and Black Friday Specials!

Thanks to everyone who has backed Squishy Forts on Kickstarter so far!

Today, I am proud to announce that we have completely slashed our reward levels, and also introduced some Black Friday Specials!

Thanks to new pricing that we’ve been able to negotiate with some offshore manufacturers, we’ve been able to bring the price down on Squishy Forts to $149 for a Basic Set, $199 for an Advanced Set and $299 for the Ultimate Set. We’ve also put in some early bird reward levels fo the Basic and Advanced Sets.

Furthermore, with “Black Friday” about to hit the US, we’ve also got limited numbers of a $99 Basic Set and $124 advanced Set available.

For those that haven’t yet, please make sure you go to Kickstarter and back our project!

– Ross

Squishy Forts Now on Kickstarter!

A big thanks to everyone that’s been following the Squishy Forts journey so far! This is a post to let you know that our project is NOW LIVE on Kickstarter.

For anyone that’s super-keen to get on board, we’ve put some early bird specials on which will give you a chance to get in at a low price before anybody else.

The official project link is here:

Thanks for following, and please share with your friends!

– Ross